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Las Vegas, Nevada 
When one thinks of Las Vegas, their first thoughts are of the Las Vegas Strip with all of the action, the lights and the glitter. Las Vegas is appropriately named “Sin City” and, evidently, what happens in Las Vegas will stay in Las Vegas. This theory can be applied even in the paranormal sense as many of its prime hotels and attractions are reportedly haunted by unsettled spirits that, like many of the tourists who visit Las Vegas year after year, find it hard to leave the city behind. Here are just a few of the more haunted attractions of Sin City. 
 2009 and 2010 
Gold Hill has a number of underground mines, including The Yellow jacket Min and the Commons Mine. Occasionally accidents happened and miners were killed. The Yellow Jacket Mine is Right behind the Gold Hill Hotel. In 1873 a fire broke out in the Yellow Jacket Mine and 37 miners were killed. The miners were left at the bottom of the mine shafts. According to Ghost Trackers, the sudden death of the miners probably accounts for the paranormal activity around the hotel Mysterious things happen, such as doors opening and closing themselves and lights turning themselves off and on. A paranormal investigator staying at the hotel heard scratching on the door and later his bed started shaking violently. The Gold Hill Hotel website describes two ghosts: The ghost of Rosie resides in room 4. Rosie is often identified by the smell of roses. The ghost of William occupies room 5. 

Gold Hill City, Nevada 2009
Gold Hill Hotel
When a local news crew invited me to investigate Thunderbird Lodge I was thrilled. The Thunderbird Lodge is our state's answer to Whaley House and Winchester House. Once owned by reclusive millionaire George Whittell, the lodge is a must see for anyone interesed in history and ghosts. I felt that there was some spirit energy on the property and that most of the haunting activity occurs in the boathouse (see photo at left) and in the pool house. ." By SJGH
Virginia City, Nevada 
Belly up to the bar and step back into the past. This bar has been around for more than a century and has a colorful history to boot. It was built in late 1800s as a swank private club for the city's silver king millionaires and eventually wound up being the fun spot it is today. The decor is strictly down-home neighborhood bar. While you're here, take a peek at the spiral staircase. It's an amazing bit of carpentry. You'll find lots of friendly locals who love to tell tourists some of Virginia City's rough and tumble tall tales. Local Country/Western bands fill the small saloon with lively music on the weekends. Grab your partner; dancing is permitted. And there ghosts
The Washoe Club is a three story brick structure located in the Historic District of Virginia City. The first story is currently occupied by commercial properties while the upper stories are unoccupied at this time. The building is an un-reinforced masonry building and, as such, has several deficiencies relative to its ability to resist seismic events. 
The Washoe Club is also one of the most haunted locations in “The West”. Featured on the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” as well as SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters”, the building has earned it’s place among the elite haunted locations. Come see for yourself, memberships start as low as $20 per year and will get you access to the Crypt as well as the infamous “Spiral Staircase”.

Our Ghost Picture of the Month for June 2010 Aniko, from Reno, Nevada sent this amazing ghost picture of what looks to be an apparition of a woman in period dress, moving down the hall of the old Silver Queen Hotel... "My brother took this photo in Virginia City, Nevada when we were on a trip.  It's in the hallway of the Silver  Queen Hotel.  It was built around 1860.  When he took the picture, I was behind him, and the hallway was empty.  After we saw the picture, we went back two times, but without any luck.  At the time he took that  picture, we didn't know the hotel was haunted." By SJGH
Piper's Opera House is a historic performing arts venue in Virginia City, Storey County, Nevada in the United States. Piper's served as a training facility in 1897 for heavyweight boxing champion Gentleman Jim Corbett, in preparation for his title bout with Bob Fitzsimmons. The current structure was built by entrepreneur John Piper in 1885 to replace his 1878 opera house that had burned down. The 1878 venue, in turn, had been to replace Piper's 1863 venue which was destroyed by the 1875 Great Fire in Virginia City. Mark Twain spoke from the original Piper's stage in 1866, and again a century later in the third venue, as portrayed by Hal Holbrook in his one-man play Mark Twain Tonight! A lynch mob hung a victim from the first venue's rafters in 1871. American theatrical producer David Belasco was stage manager at the second opera house before moving to New York City. Piper's opera houses played host to Shakespearean thespians such as Edwin Booth. Musical performers Lilly Langtry, Al Jolson and John Philip Sousa once performed here. In 1940, Errol Flynn auctioned off historic Piper memorabilia from the opera house stage, during a live NBC broadcast that coincided with the premiere of Flynn's new movie Virginia City.
German immigrant John Piper arrived in Virginia City as part of the 1860 Comstock Lode rush.   Piper sat on the City Council in 1865,[3] and was mayor of Virginia City in 1867.[4] In 1874, Piper represented Storey County in the Nevada Senate. In an effort to raise money for Storey County to pay for railroad bonds, Piper managed to get the state senate to unanimously pass a bill that became law, removing the taxation limits on bullion in the county.[5] Piper ran a chain of venues to accommodate touring companies. Among these were McKissick's Opera House in Reno and the Carson Opera House in Carson City.  1863–1875  

The History

The Silver Queen has been noted for many different accounts of paranormal activity. So much in fact that the guests of the hotel, often complain about strange sounds during the night. The Queen has served many different purposes. The wedding chapel was once used as a make-shift morgue, when the ground was too frozen to bury the dead.

Pioneer Saloon.
Built in 1913, the Pioneer Saloon is host to at least one episode of sad real-life history: It's said that Clark Gable waited at the bar in 1942 for news from a search crew that was looking for the missing plane that was carrying Carole Lombard, the love of his life.

The wreckage of the plane was found on Mount Potosi, outside of town, and Lombard didn't survive. Lombard's ghost is said to haunt the saloon, but it's also said to be the home of a number of less-famous ghostly inhabitants, including a miner who was killed after being found cheating at cards.

Through an event called "The Haunted Lockdown," offers guests a chance to spend a night there and put their own ghost-hunting skills to the test to see what they can see 
You Must pay to do and lock down 99.00 person