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 Bisbee Arizona  
Payson Arizona 
 At the turn-of-the-century, the community of Bisbee, located just east of the Mule Mountains in southeastern Arizona, reigned as one of the premiere copper mining towns in the world. Today, tours of Bisbee’s famed Copper Queen Mine rank as one of the area’s top tourist attractions, drawing visitors from throughout the United States and abroad.   The Mule Mountains hid a wealth of gold, silver and copper until the late 1870’s, when a government scout, Jack Dunn, discovered rich ore deposits while chasing Apaches. Dunn and a couple of partners grubstaked a prospector, George Warren, to explore the area and file claims on their behalf.

Stools being moved, knocking on a door leading (to an apartment) upstairs, footsteps, disembodied voices, dishes rattling. It was quite an active night." The Liles identified two different ghosts, a girl of 8, who died of an illness in 1914, and the father of a previous owner of the building, who lived in the apartment above the main floor and apparently died of a heart attack in his room.

Tucked into a small gulch in the Mule Mountains of Southern Arizona, the town of Bisbee is a turn-of-the-century gem that made – and lost – its fortune in the local copper mines. Today, artists and antique dealers call the town home, but you can still take a ghost tour through its preserved streets, or stay the night at the illustrious Copper Queen Hotel, said to be haunted by a young woman jilted by her lover here. 
 friends at their house which is in the same neighborhood called Round Valley. We all live in Upper. Around 2 am my friend Sasha and I left Jacobs house to walk home. Now so you know Jacobs house is located directly behind the cemetery.. Separated by a fence to their property then the dirt road and another fence outlining the cemetery. So when we walk home we always jump the cemetery fence and walk  through (on a path we never walk over the bodies) and then we walk the main roads back to my place or hers. I live down Sapphire in and Sasha lives down Emerald which is off Sapphire. We jump the fence as usual and begin walking  
and as we're walking we see something black and huge run past through our side vision and hear the faint crackling of leaves and dirt in the distance where we glimpsed it. We just thought maybe it was our thoughts getting to us and keep in mind as I'm writing this this happened 2 months ago. We are both of sound mind and were not and never have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I am almost 17 and she just turned 16. And we're not the    

Jerome, Arizona.
The town of Jerome, Arizona, began in the 1900's as the United Verde Copper Mine, employing hundreds to dig deep within the mountain for copper, gold and silver  
The Connor Hotel 
A visit to the Jerome Grand Hotel, like the Town of Jerome, is an Town of Jerome with the Jerome Grand Hotel on top experience in the past. The colorful history of this building, that dominates the top of Jerome is full of surprises and mysteries. This Spanish Mission style building, constructed in 1926, started out as the United Verde Hospital, opening January, 1927. In 1930, it was written up as the most modern and well equipped hospital in Arizona and possible the Western States. The Hospital was closed in 1950  

There are three main ghosts reported to be at the hotel, The first is that of a women in white, she can be seen roaming the corridors late at night, rumor has it that she was a woman who died during child birth when the building was a hospital, and that she forever search's for the grave of her child, who also died at the same time.  
Built in 1898 by David Connor, the Connor Hotel of Jerome has a colorful past, ranging from the heights of luxury to the depths of squalor and back again. Originally designed with 20 rooms upstairs, this first-class lodging establishment also offered a barroom, card rooms, and billiard tables on the first floor. Rooms were rented on the "European plan", for the princely sum of $1.00 per night. The Connor's telephone number was 8. 

The stone foundations were quarried from the hills around Jerome, and the brick was fired in nearby Cottonwood, in the yard of Messrs. Britton and Sharp.
 Before the turn of the century, David Connor's hotel had burned to the ground twice, along with many other fine buildings in Jerome's crowded downtown. David Connor was fortunate in that he was one of the only two business owners in town to carry insurance, in the handsome amount of $14,500. As a result, he was immediately able to rebuild the hotel, unlike many other buildings lost to fire in the conflagrations that swept Jerome before the turn of the century. 

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The Copper Queen Hotel can be found in the town of Bisbee, which is 95-100 miles southeast of Tucson on Arizona Route 80, just 20 miles away from Tombstone. Bisbee is a high dessert community nestled in the Mule mountains,which has an elevation is 5,300 feet. Bisbee has the advantage of being 10 to 15 degrees cooler than Tucson or Phoenix, cities which are located on the flat lands.

The 4 story, brick, Victorian/Italian Villa style Copper Queen Hotel is described as being "One of the Last Remaining Historical Gems of the Southwest." In fact, it is Arizona's longest operational hotel, as it has been in continuous service as a high class hotel since it was built so long ago.
 This 1902 turn-of-the-century old dame of hotels has 4 floors, offering 45 comfortable, atmospheric rooms updated with modern "conveniences" such as air conditioning, heat in the winter, direct-dial telephones, private baths and color TV. The hotel has two lovely lobbies and a full service restaurant; Not only inside dining but also an outside "misted" patio dining area as well. Of course, there is an "old west" saloon, and a banquet room for special events and receptions.

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Vendome Hotel .
Bird Cage :  Opened in December of 1881 and closed its doors in 1889. During its short business life, the Bird Cage was the wildest place in the west! The Bird Cage is named after its thirteen little cribs that hang from the ceiling where ladies of the night plied their trades. Twenty dollars a night, would buy a gentlemen a bottle of whiskey and a lady for the night. Different from the way Hollywood has portrayed it, no respectable lady would have ever entered the Bird Cage. The longest single poker game in history was played in the basement gaming area. Eight years and four months of one continuous poker game! The theater is very interesting because of its antiquities.It adds to the possibility of a residual haunting.

Big Nose Kate's Saloon Building can be found on in the center of Allen Street, the main drag which runs through old town Tombstone, a traditional spot for the major hotel in a western 1880 
Tombstone is a historic western city in Cochise County, Arizona, United States, founded in 1879 by Ed Schieffelin in what was then Pima County, Arizona Territory. It was one of the last wide-open frontier boomtowns in the American Old West. The town prospered from about 1877 to 1890, during which the town's mines produced USD $40 to $85 million in silver bullion, the largest productive silver district in Arizona. Its population grew from 100 to around 14,000 in less than 7 years.
Boot Hill Graveyard : (1879-1884) was originally called the "City Cemetery" After the city built the Tombstone Cemetery on the west end of Allen Street, the "City Cemetery" was then called the old cemetery. Sometime around 1929 and the towns first Helldorado Days, people started calling the "Old Cemetery" Boot Hill Over the years several unusual photographs have been taken inside the cemetery by locals and tourists. Some people believe that ghosts are spirits of people that died unexpectedly, violently, and/or at the hands of others, gunfights, hangings, etc. Strange noises and flickering lights have been reported in the graveyard by locals and tourists.   
Arizona Territorial Governor John Noble Goodwin selected the original site of Prescott following his first tour of the new territory. Goodwin replaced Governor John A. Gurley, appointed by Abraham Lincoln, who died before taking office. Downtown streets in Prescott are named in honor of each of them. Goodwin selected a site 20 miles (32 km) south of the temporary capital on the east side of Granite Creek near a number of mining camps. The territorial capital was later moved to the new site along with Fort Whipple, with the new town named in honor of historian William H. Prescott during a public meeting on May 30, 1864.[4] Robert W. Groom surveyed the new community, and an initial auction sold 73 lots on June 4, 1864. By July 4, 1864, a total of 232 lots had been sold within the new community.[5] Prescott was officially incorporated in 1883.
Prescott, Arizona
Built in 1917, this 2 story restored hotel bed and breakfast truly has an old-world atmosphere, with some modern conveniences as well for the comfort of their guests. It's 16 rooms are all nicely decorated, with "transom windows, iron radiators, oak furnishings, original woodworking, period wallpaper, ceiling fans, handmade patchwork quilts, lace curtains" plus a choice of modern bathroom show/tub combinations or old-world pull-chain Toilets and old-fashioned claw tubs. A lovely verandah can be found on the second floor. A nice sitting room can also be found in the front of the hotel

This glorious 1927 brick, 4 story, 68 room luxury hotel is described as "a haven for sophisticated guests seeking a sense of pampered well being." It was built to attract the summer traveler looking for relief from the sizzling hot weather which is a mainstay every summer in the Valley of the Sun, where such cities as Phoenix and Scottsdale are located. Prescott enjoys cooler weather which makes it the perfect location to have such an inviting place to find a reprieve from hot temperatures, 100 degrees and more! 
Coyote Joe's Bar - Prescott .
In the late 1800s, this building was built and housed the historic Arizona Hotel, which had the infamous reputation as also being the home of one of Arizona's first brothels. Underneath these buildings on Montezuma, there were tunnels which were used for opium dens and also provided laundry delivery routes used by the Asian immigrants who lived in Prescott.
Almost immediately, the owners, employees and customers knew that they were not alone, and shared the place with some spunky, mischievous and kind entities who weren't ready to retire. These spirits are thought to be the women who used to work here and/or the people who hung out/used the tunnels under the building.
Hassayampa Inn .
Tucson Arizona 
Old Tucson Studios
 is a movie studio and theme park just west of Tucson, Arizona, adjacent to the Tucson Mountains and close to the western portion of Saguaro National Park. Built in 1939 for the movie Arizona, it has been used for the filming of several movies and television westerns since then, such as Little House on the Prairie. Opened to the public in 1960, historical tours are offered about the movies filmed there, along with live cast entertainment featuring stunt shows and shootouts.
Buford House Bed & Breakfast 

Haunted Places - Allegedly haunted by the ghost of a man who, in a jealous rage over his woman walking home with another man, decided to shoot her and then himself. Luckily, the woman survived his murder attempt and he was the only one who died. He continues to haunt the house where he died... 
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